SO you're wondering what Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Recording and Sketchnoting actually are…

Graphic Facilitation is the art of using big visual images to plan, structure and record important conversations and events - and it's done in real time, so while the conversation is happening.  It is entirely tailored to your needs so no two events or products are the same.  

I offer this alongside a range of creative facilitation techniques to help you get the best results and achieve your goals.  

Graphic Recording is where I don't facilitate but focus on producing a bespoke visual record for your event, working in partnership with your lead or facilitator. 

Sketchnoting is graphic note-taking on a smaller scale - it's colourful and immediate, and can be rapidly captured and shared. 

All these roles involve skilled independent listening, thinking and analysing, organising and design.

So why would you choose to use a graphic approach?  The benefits include….

  • visible structure creates focus and impetus for discussion and decisions
  • involves people in a dynamic process 
  • can draw out underlying and minority issues 
  • stimulates creative, collaborative and strategic thinking
  • integrates individual voices into a shared narrative
  • helps people to understand a situation from different perspectives
  • captures the big issues,  themes and priorities
  • reveals connections between parts of the big picture
  • makes information accessible and easier to remember
  • delivers a shared visual record (hard copy and digital)

I can record your event using pen and paper, or digital media - each has its own merits and limitations, so best to talk to me about it in advance.

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