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Laura Brodrick
Creative and Graphic Facilitator

I provide live graphic recording, graphic facilitation, visual notes, creative consultancy, illustration and animated illustration to help you deliver great outcomes with visual impact.

What I do

I bring a visual dimension to your event or communications, creating a package to suit your individual needs.


Graphic Recording

A large visual record, planned with you in advance but created ‘live’ by me, with as much participant interaction you want. Can be done digitally and shared to a large screen via HDMI. Great for capturing themes and key messages of your event.

Graphic Facilitation

Tailored visual approaches for planning, structuring and recording important conversations and events. Often includes using bespoke visual templates and tools to enable your people to have creative and productive conversations.

Visual Notes

Graphic note-taking on a smaller scale, using pen and sketchbook or digital tablet. It’s colourful and immediate, and can be rapidly captured and shared via social media. Good for capturing a number of shorter sessions that are in different places.

Creative Consultancy

I can advise and support you to plan, design and run of meetings and events so you achieve the outcomes you want, using thoughtful, creative and memorable processes. I can also run visual communication workshops.


I’m sometimes asked to illustrate reports, plans and business communications. I can create bespoke images to summarise and enliven your ideas, and make your messages more engaging and accessible.

Animated Illustration

There’ s a lot of interest in animated drawings and time lapse, with some stunning examples out there. Working with trusted partners I can offer this in different formats.


You can find examples of most of these in my
  • image Council Lead Officer, People Resourcing

    "The graphics were used almost straight away when the cohort delivered feedback to the Chief Executive and Head of Resources; feedback was positive.  The CX in particular really liked the way that ideas were illustrated. I’d like to reproduce it in materials across the council."

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