Laura Brodrick

Creative and graphic facilitator and consultant


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What I Do

I’m an Independent graphic and creative facilitator, creating bespoke drawings and processes that make sense of complex information for events, meetings, workshops and communications. As a skilled facilitator and communicator, I work with a wide spectrum of customers and partners across sectors. When you work with me you will benefit from my combination of graphic, communication and facilitation skills, backed up by many years of experience.

I have a strong track record with small, medium and large organisations and events in the UK and abroad.  With extensive experience of working with and for disabled and older people, I am highly inclusive in my approach, and used to working with sensitive topics.

Although I always aim to create visually striking and engaging images, my priority is to capture and communicate the main points and themes of any event or commission in a relevant way to meet your needs.  As a graphic facilitator I work with event organisers to design and plan great visual processes to enable really great conversations and to create powerful summaries.

During the event I can facilitate or co-facilitate, or I can concentrate purely on the graphic record.  I listen deeply to interpret and distill important themes and messages, drawing on my understanding of people, organisations, business leadership and change.

I translate these into drawings that have meaning for the people involved.  You may see me up at the front, working with coloured pens on large format paper on a wall or a big graphic board, or recording sketchnotes in a sketchbook, or drawing on a digital graphics tablet - sometimes connected to a big HD screen.

About Me

My background is in public service - initially as an Occupational Therapist, and later a senior manager and commissioner in health and social services.  I have extensive experience of engaging and communicating with stakeholders and partners; leading strategic and service change and managing services, portfolios, programmes and projects with budgets of up to £60m.

I’m passionate about the power of visual communication, and enabling people to create positive change by working together and using creative approaches. I'm friendly, professional and a good communicator, and really enjoy working with all kinds of people.  Adaptable, sensitive and pragmatic, people say I am easy to work with.

I'm used to working under pressure to tight deadlines, aided by a good sense of humour.  I love to draw, and I have a wide range of other creative interests and abilities including music, community art, travel, photography and drama. I was a founder member of a successful community samba band and really enjoy singing regularly with Birmingham Choral Union.

My clients include...

  • Universities, schools and education sector
  • NHS and Local Authorities
  • Charities
  • Marketing, events and sourcing
  • Housing, environmental
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Government
  • Small businesses
  • Trainers and business consultants
  • I sometimes work as an associate with trusted partners

Featured Work

A selection of pieces of work I have done for previous clients, including charities, small and large businesses, and individuals.

  • image Programme Manager, LGA

    “Fantastic, and so much better than just words”

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