Bringing your conversations and communications to life

Live visual notes  |  Graphic facilitation  |  Bespoke illustrations

Laura Brodrick
Graphic Facilitator

Make your online or face to face meetings and workshops more engaging, visual and memorable
Add visual impact and clarity to your reports and communications
Build your team’s ability to use visual communication
Reach your audience and help them make sense of complex ideas and messages

Let’s talk about how I can help you deliver great outcomes with visual impact by:
• Visualising your key themes and messages from meetings, reports and plans
• Creating eye-catching digital illustrations
• Drawing live in real time on-site, or on/off screen in your virtual meeting or workshop
• Designing visual templates, worksheets or other materials for print or digital sharing
• Designing creative approaches together to make your meeting or workshop engaging, productive and memorable
• Running online or on-site visual communication workshops

Proud to have worked with

Proud to have worked with