Live visual notes
Graphic Recording / Live Scribing

I capture themes and key messages of your event as it happens, whether in the room or virtually, online. I’ll plan the visual format with you in advance but draw ‘live’ with however much participant interaction you want. Digital drawings can be screen-shared with your virtual meeting participants. Large format pen graphics provide a great visual focus in the room. Either way, it’s colourful and immediate, and can be rapidly captured and shared via social media.

Graphic Facilitation

I work closely with you to create tailored visual approaches for planning, structuring and recording important conversations and events. Often includes using bespoke visual templates and tools to enable your people to have creative and productive conversations.


Illustrating your strategies, reports, plans and communications can really give them impact and bring them to life, with unique hand-drawn images. I can create bespoke drawings to summarise and enliven your ideas, and make your messages more engaging and accessible.

Design and Print

Make your meeting or event a bit different with distinctive designs for invitations, templates, posters, response cards, handouts and other engagement materials. I can design and produce small to large designs in different formats and materials.

Creative Consultancy

I can advise and support you in the planning, design and running of meetings and events to help you achieve the outcomes you want, using thoughtful, creative and memorable processes. I can also run tailored workshops to build confidence and skills in visual communication.


Can you do live visual notes for online meetings and workshops?

Yes I can, by sharing the drawing in progress live from my iPad screen with other participants during the event.  I can then provide a finished image shortly afterwards.  In addition to the usual event briefing we’ll need to have a technical run through to ensure it goes smoothly. I can also help you with visual tools and activities that can make your virtual event more fun, engaging and focused.

How do you condense all that information into the drawing?

I always work with you to fully understand what you need from me, offering advice and support. I generally prepare and agree a design layout with you and it often helps to have presentation materials in advance. I listen deeply, read carefully and simplify complex information into meaningful images and words.

Who do you work with?

I enjoy working with a wide range of people in different settings and sectors. My work has supported all sorts of processes and events – for example consultation and stakeholder engagement, strategic planning, organisational development, conferences, learning and training, campaigning, and community action. I have worked successfully with executives, professionals, disabled people, customers, staff groups, academics, children and young people, older people, work teams, business leaders and more. I’m always delighted to work with new people and disciplines!

I’m not sure how to make our event work - can you help?

I’m always happy to discuss your plans in advance, and can offer creative advice and support in the design and running of your event. 

What kind of documents can you illustrate?

My illustrations have added value to strategies, reports, guidelines, presentations, summaries and planning frameworks for diverse audiences. I’m happy to discuss how I could make your reports and communications come to life.

Can you provide graphics for our communications?

Absolutely yes, I am happy to discuss how hand-drawn digital illustration and animated graphics can meet your needs.

Can you do animated graphics?

I can provide short animated clips for use in social media etc. This is a more complex, time-consuming process so it’s best to talk it through with me at an early stage.

Do you do cartoons?

My focus is on what is being said rather than the people speaking or taking part. I usually represent people and their diversity symbolically, using colour, shape and posture rather than drawing named individuals, but I sometimes do quick pen portraits or incorporate photos of main speakers.

How can you help with facilitation?

I offer a range of creative and engaging techniques and approaches to help you get the most out of your events. I am an experienced facilitator so can work with you to plan and run sessions that deliver great results. I am happy to advise on and provide creative ways of releasing the potential in the room and can help you to plan and deliver a really effective and memorable event.

How many people can you work with?

I can support anything from one-to-one meetings to large events. You might want to check out the difference between graphic recording and graphic or creative facilitation when thinking about how I could add most value to your event, given the number of people involved. For larger or longer events I sometimes work with associates to meet your needs.

Do you need to understand our work?

Graphic and creative facilitation can work well in many settings and I don’t need to have detailed or technical knowledge of your business to work with you. It may help to provide a glossary of technical terms, or someone to sense-check my work.  It’s worth remembering that these sorts of creative techniques may be less helpful when decisions depend on complex technical data, don’t require different viewpoints or have to be made very quickly.

What practical things do we need to consider?

Live graphic recording and facilitation can mean planning for a few practical requirements so it’s always helpful to talk to me in good time. To get the most from visual notes for online events we’ll need good IT connections and technical planning, ideally with a technical run-through.   In-person events may need flat, smooth wall space to attach paper to, or space for large portable boards. For any live event with breakout sessions it’s especially important to agree how key content and decisions will reach me so I can capture them visually. I will always discuss the practical aspects with you in advance.

What images do we get and how can we use them?

For digital notes and illustrations you will get a high resolution image file. For pen and paper graphics you keep the original copy and, if required, I can scan and clean this up, add logos etc and share it with you as a high resolution image file. The images are yours to use non-commercially as you wish, providing you acknowledge me as the creator, under a Creative Commons Licence.

Where are you based?

With a home office and high speed broadband I can join a meeting anywhere. I’m based in the West Midlands, UK so for in-person events I can get to most places fairly easily. I am happy to travel within and beyond the UK.

How much notice do you need?

I have bookings up to 18 months ahead, so it’s best to give me as much notice as possible to secure my availability and get the best outcomes. However, I may be able to step in at short notice so it’s always worth getting in touch.

What will it cost?

I generally work on a day rate, plus expenses. My day rate for graphic recording, visual note taking and illustration includes time for planning and design, set -up, finishing and administration, and usually travel time for on-site work. Once I know enough about your requirements I can provide a detailed quote and will agree a clear plan and price with you in advance.

Want to talk through your ideas with me?